Christening in Cyprus

May 23, 2016

A christening in Cyprus is considered by Cypriots to be the most important day of the child’s life to date.
Traditionally, the best man at the couple’s wedding gets to christen the first child; the maid of honour gets to christen the second.

Godparents in Cyprus have a duty to become a substitute parent if anything happens to the child’s parents.
During the ceremony, the child is baptised in a small, round copper bath. The baby is naked as several ceremonial “dunkings” take place. Afterwards, the godparent dresses the baby in a special christening outfit. During this time, the mother has no contact. At the end, the Priest hands the baby to the mother, and then the baby is given Holy Communion for the first time.

A grand celebration with plenty of food, drink, music and dancing follows. It is quite normal for there to be upwards of 200 people.

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