“A lovely person and an excellent photographer, extremely patient and careful to details: each photo shoot seems to have its own soul, she is able to create so fascinating atmospheres you can’t believe you were actually there and,well…you just can’t have enough! For me was something very special to shoot such a special moment and remember it , it had never come in my mind to take photos with belly and I must admit it was absolutely a great idea, it makes this event unforgettable. Thanks one more time! And such a professional and posh album!! ”
(Linda Annichiarico)

“Lovely person, very positive and very helpful. Most of all very professional!!! Thank you very much for capturing motherhood and happiness in my photos!!! :)”
(Louisa Michaelidou)

“Pictures are simply amazing, thank you so much! I looked them through so many times. They are real I have seen so many photosessions of my friends, majority was so static nd your pictures are very beautiful I wanted to say that this Sunday was cool and I will be honest with you we haven’t expected that the photo session will be so smooth and pleasant even David said that he liked it! Can you imagine it?! ”
(Elizaveta Popova)

“Ritochka, I just viewed the photos. Thank you very much, the photos are beautiful!Hope to see you very soon in Cyprus! Let me know when you are coming, so we can invite you for a coffee. Best wishes, Anna and guys :)”

4.9 250

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