Wedding photography

I cordially congratulate to you! Thank you for finding me to document one of the most beautiful day in your life. Prepering lists, you are working on your budget, sending the invitation cards, booking of the venue, reception, hunting over the dream dress, and the most important thing : the professional wedding photographer!

All the details are very important! All the things on your list, all the elements will come alive and must work well on your wedding day. This is why it is so important how to choose vendors!

I am lucky to meet wonderful vendors during my work in Cyprus, and in Hungary as well. Also the shootings to the hungarian bridal magazine made me much more familiar with them.

I love wedding! Why? Organic, emotional moments, real memories. This is exactly that a professional wedding photographer should deliver to you! Years go by and then the day comes when you open your wedding album sitting with your family and you can feel the mood of this day on your skin, smell the fragrance of your husband, waking up memories with happiness of your beloved ones. Finally you close the book contentedly how beautiful that day was when I get married to your daddy!

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